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Advancing Environmental Justice through Rockville’s Ordinance 6-23 and Montgomery County’s Bill 26-22: Radon Testing Requirements and Tenant Safety

By Smart Home Radon | Oct 4, 2023

Introduction In March 2023, the city of Rockville, Maryland, took a significant stride towards advancing environmental justice and safeguarding the health of its residents by enacting Ordinance 6-23. This groundbreaking ordinance, which went into effect on September 27, 2023, specifically addresses radon testing requirements in all ground-contact or basement dwelling units within rental facilities. Radon,…

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MoCo Radon Rental Law

Enhancing Tenant Safety: Montgomery County Bill 26-22 and Smart Home Radon’s Expert Services

By Smart Home Radon | Jul 31, 2023

Introduction Tenant safety takes center stage in MoCo with the Radon Rental Law (Bill 26-22). This crucial legislation amends Chapter 29 of the Montgomery County Code, highlighting the importance of radon testing and mitigation in rental properties. As a trusted partner in Gaithersburg, Smart Home Radon serves all of Montgomery County with certified professionals and…

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Pressure gauge aka U TUBE on radon mitigation system

Unveiling the Mystery of the “U Tube” Gauge in Your Radon Mitigation System

By Smart Home Radon | May 20, 2023

“Discover the truth behind the mysterious “U tube” gauge in your radon mitigation system. Uncover its actual purpose, learn how to interpret the readings, and ensure its proper functionality. Stay informed and take proactive measures to maintain a safe environment in your home.”

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August 1st – World Lung Cancer Day

By Smart Home Radon | Aug 1, 2022

August 1st is World Lung Cancer day, a day to pause and learn more about lung cancer and its causes. “If you have lungs, you can develop lung cancer” Jennifer Chan, Director of the Arnie Charbonneau Cancer Institute “If you have lungs, you can develop lung cancer” – Jennifer Chan, Director of the Arnie Charbonneau…

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